in a flow yoga

Customized Mobile Yoga Classes in Beautiful Tucson, AZ


Whether you enjoy a challenging vinyasa, a slower yin, a gentle restorative, or a creative chair - a yoga flow can suit anyone, anywhere, and at any age. In a Flow Yoga offers an inclusive opportunity to stay in, or build upon, your comfort zone as it creates poses, music, length, and energy with the participants in mind, at your location of choice. My current area of focus is Elder Flow Yoga which offers engaging chair yoga classes for seniors.

A chair yoga class can be especially versatile as it can be done from a chair in an assisted living facility, an office, or a school without the need for a mat or a change of clothes! Taking a small break in your day to focus on your breathing and to move your body can improve mental clarity, boost alertness, manage stress and anxiety, sharpen concentration, and aid in strength, flexibility, and circulatory health.


I moved to Tucson with my family in 2020 after living in a small Arizona mining town for the past 12 years. I rediscovered my love for yoga during that transition. Yoga’s presence in my life grew and helped me foster a calm environment for my tween daughters throughout this challenging time. Practicing yoga brought peace to my mind and strength to my body. As my passion for yoga grew, so did my inspiration to learn more and share my practice with others.

In January 2022, I completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification program as well as a supplemental chair yoga certification. The 200 hour education gave me an introduction to the deep history of yoga and the skills to teach a class. The chair certification expands those skills to make yoga accessible for the senior community, a community I greatly enjoy working with.

I’m so grateful to have this lifelong journey of learning and I look forward to sharing it with you!

"Yoga means addition - addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind, and soul."
- Amit Ray

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