elder flow yoga


With it's gentle practice and accessible approach, chair yoga offers many benefits for older adults such as:

  • Increased flexibility

  • Muscle strength

  • Improved balance and coordination

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Pain management skills

  • Better sleep

Designed and taught by Jamie Rhys-Evans, a passionate instructor with:

  • 200 hour yoga certification through Yoga Alliance

  • Chair Yoga World certification

  • BS Sociology with Gerontology emphasis


I love adding a bit of a personal touch to the end of a class and this is where my genuine love for spending time with seniors truly shines! My ideal class ends by playing calm, happy music while I place a lightly scented towel around the neck and pause for a kind touch. My hope is that everyone leaves feeling uplifted, content, and looking forward to our next time together. If you feel that your residents would benefit from, or simply enjoy, the experience of any of these therapies, we can discuss them after the first chair yoga class.


Simply listening to a familiar tune has been shown to positively impact the emotional and cognitive regions of the brain. Playing music from a person’s youth may help trigger happy memories, stimulate reminiscence, and ease anxiety, especially for older adults.


A gentle touch can provide warmth and comfort, perhaps alleviating a feeling of isolation, and can create a feeling of bonding. This can be especially helpful to seniors living in a care facility who may lack a personal, non-clinical touch in their lives.


Essential oils can potentially help memory and mental alertness. The aromatic properties of rosemary and lemon, in particular, have been shown to help relieve feelings of anxiety. I place a towel that’s lightly infused in these oils around the neck to minimize skin exposure.

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